“Valorus Pro” book


The VALORUS PRO book collects in Girona for the first time in its history four different teams in the highest categories of their respective sports. Soccer, women’s basketball, men’s basketball and hockey.
Valorus Pro reflects the season starting with all four teams. The themes are of a sporting nature but always sought from the personal side of its protagonists.
They analyze the brilliant moment of Girona sport, the former state soccer coach Vicente del Bosque, the former Real Madrid basketball coach Pablo Laso, the former Girona FC coach Pablo Machín, the former UNI Girona coach Alfred Julbe and the Catalan roller hockey coach Jordi Camps, the CEO of Manchester City and the City Football Group Ferran Soriano, with whom a very global vision of world football is achieved and it is also worth noting the signatures of renowned sports journalists such as Jordi Sunyer (TV3), Marc Mundet (RAC 1) , Arnau Segura (EFE Agency); as well as the graphic work of Eddy Kelele and other professionals with a brilliant career in the world of sports.

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